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Juicy Peach Light

Tone Up Cream,


Peach Me Up.

#0% Purified Water.

#71% Peach Extract.

#Natural toning up cream.

Natural toning up cream

with a light touch.

No more cohesion!

71% peach extract moist tone up cream without cohesion. light, bright moist, soft tone up!

0% Purified water.

Can you believe? Main ingredient is Peach extract. Full of ingredients good for tone up and moisturizing.

Natural toning up.

#quick makeup #overslept day #blur effect. It can be used as make-up base or mixed with base make-up products.


Whitening effect.

Niacinamide(Certified by FDA) contains.

*Steady use makes better efficacy.

Useful Tips.

As make-up base

*Basic Care – Sun Care – Peach Me Up – Base Makeup

Sequence above, Peach me up functions as a make-up base. Especially useful for minimal make-up day.

Combination with foundation or cushion you have.

You can add glowing effect by applying Peach Me Up.

How To Use.

1.Wash your face and apply your rest of skin care products such as toner and lotion.

2.Spread peach me up evenly all over the face.

3.Apply once again to any remaining redness spots on face such as sides of the nose.

4.Apply on neck to even out your skin tone.

Detail Info.

Product name Unpa Peach Me Up tone up cream

Volume 40ml

Price 18,000KRW

Main ingredient Peach extract (71%), Niacinamide, Adenosine, Shea butter, Avocado oil