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Peach Soap

That Turns Bright

As You Use It,

unpa. Peach Brick.

#Peach Flavor.

#Natural Tone Up Soap.

#Certified organic ingredients From Kerfoot Group.


to whom.

#Feels dry when using a typical cleansing products.

#Wants to restore original skin tone.

#Wants to enjoy sweet peachy scent during cleansing 

#Wants to restore discolored skin.


Peach Brick.

Ultra-Rich foam.

Enjoy yourself with rich and sticky foam like whipped cream by using a bubble net. Ultra rich foam will enhance the cleansing effect and lower any possible skin irritation.

Cleansing Test.

Even though it is a organic soap, Peach Brick can remove any strong waterproof product with effective but mild cleansing.

Moisturized after cleansing.

Before cleansing > After cleansing, moisture score up.

Brighten your

hidden skin tone.

#Moisture barrier effect of avocado and shea butter.

#Skin care of chamomile and centella asiatica extract.

#Certified organic ingredients from The Kerfoot Group.

Detail Info.

Product name Unpa Peach Brick

Weight 120g

Price 12,000KRW

Main ingredient Peach Extract, Niacinamide (2%), Shea butter, Avocado oil, Witch Hazel extract, Chamomile extract, centella asiatica extract.