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Essential Item

for Fixing Makeup,

unpa. Good Day Kit.

#Cleansing & Moisturinzing.

#Lip & Eyes Remover & Skin Pack.

#Highly Utilized Item.

What It Is.

Easily portable cleansing pad that not only helps to fix make-up but also provides enough moisture to solve any skin problems.

Cleansing &


Directed to smooth skin expression makeup boosting kit for contained to excellent skin moisture and soothing Centella extract, Aloe Vera leaves extract, Portulaca extract.

Fixing Makeup &

moisture supply

at the same time.

# Effectively works with make-up touch ups and cleans out all the dead skin cells.

# Cleans out all the waterproof eye make-up.

# Instantly calms down the skin and provides moisture supply.

# Can be used as a toner and skin face mask before applying make-up.

Detail Info.

Product name Unpa Good Day Kit

Volume Cleansing pads 2.7g(3ea) / Moisture pads 4g(3ea) X 6ea

Price 12,000KRW

Main ingredient Glycerin, Soothing Centella Extract, Aloe Vera Leaves extract, Portulaca extract, and allantoin