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Perfect Foaming Cleanser,

Black Charcoal Cleansing Foam

unpa. Cha Cha Cleansing Foam.

#Charcoal Powder Deep Cleansing

#Fine & Concentrated Bubbles

#Whipped Cream Consistency

#Hydrating Skin Post Cleansing

Black Charcoal

Cleansing Foam.


Charcoal’s powerful cleansing provides soft skin.


Perfect makeup cleansing with fine and concentrated bubbles.


Minimize skin irritation with cream-like bubble texture



Charcoal powder is a strong element that absorbs excess waste on the skin. It effectively purifies the skin by absorbing wastes maintaining a clean skin.

The charcoal powder included in the Unpa Cha Cha Cleansing Foam is produced in Korea from Jirisan oak charcoal.

The minerals contained in the charcoal and the negative ions generated from charcoal help to keep the skin healthy.



Green Tea Extract

The green tea extract calms the sensitive skin, replenishes moisture to the skin, and produces a moisturized skin.


Glycerin provides moisture to the skin and prevents evaporation of hydration in the skin by creating a protective film on the skin to keep the moisture from vaporizing.

6 Natural Vegetable Oils

The product contains six natural vegetable oils with variety of benefits including moisturizing, soothing, and smoothing the skin.

Orange oil, lemon peel oil, bergamot berries oil, lavender oil, sentenced geranium flower oil, basil oil

* Unpa does not use harmful ingredients. * The effect is caused by the nature of the raw material.

Perfect Cleansing

With Rich Bubble.

Perfect cleansing with fine and concentrated bubbles! Unpa Cha Cha Cleansing Foam.

Fine and Concentrated Bubbles

The product is rapidly converted into bubbles due to excellent solubility of hydrophilic wax. The elasticity of the bubbles is created by the polymer network holding the bubble which helps to clean the inside of the pores.

Excellent Makeup Cleanse

The fine bubbles does an excellent job in cleansing the deep pores and removing excess waste on the skin such as as pigmented makeup.

Minimized irritation with cream-like bubble texture

The bubble consistency almost like a whip cream helps to provide a soft cleansing by soothing the irritated skin.

How to Use.

Follow the directions below when using the Unpa Cha Cha Cleansing Foam.

Squeeze an appripriate amount of the product onto the palm of your hand and rinse it with lukewarm water. When bubbles start to foam on your hands, gently massage your face.

Detail Info.

Product name Unpa Cha Cha Cleansing Foam.

Weight 150g

Price 11,900KRW

Main ingredient Charcoal, Glycerin, Green tea extract, Natural vegetable oils (Orange oil, Lemon peel oil, Bergamot berries oil, Lavender oil, Sentenced geranium flower oil, Basil oil)