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Ultra-light weight cotton pads for instant skin soothing effect, 

unpa. 4S Skin Pads.

#Lint-free and low irritation material.

#Softness that directly delivers onto your skin.

#Excellent adhesion with ultra-thin material.

#Enough moisture with just a hint of toner.

Silky, Soft,

Sticky & Supreme.

Skin pads that instantly calms down your skin

If you put soaked cotton pad onto your stressed face, you can experience faster skin suppression.

Ultra-light weight and Ultra slim skin pads

Sticks right onto your face due to its ultra slim layer and soaked toner directly sends its moisture to your skin.

Shaped in curve & separable multi-sheet

Wavy like shape gives enough adherence on any facial curves. For your preference, you can fold the cotton pads in half to make it as 1 or 2 layers.

Check Points.

#Pulp rayon

Pulp-Rayon material that is suitable for toner facial mask which also gives an instant absorption of toner to skin. It is a lint-free material which does not cause skin irritation.

#Powerful absorption

With same amount of toner dropped onto the cotton pad, it provides enough moisture to the skin with strong absorption.

# Strong adherence with thin layer

With ultra slim pulp-rayon material, it instantly provides moisture supply by strong adherence.

How to Use.

1.Soak your cotton pad with suitable amount of toner.

2.For your preference, fold cotton pad as 1 or 2 layers and use it as a toner facial mask for your forehead, cheeks, chin areas.

3.Place it around for 5~10 minutes and gently pat your toner onto your face.

Detail Info.

Product name Unpa 4S Skin Pads

Volume 60 sheets

Price 10,000KRW