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Long Lasting

Water-Matte Fit

unpa. 24/7 Lip Stain.





Moist Application

Weightless Matte Finish.

#Hydrating application with no flakiness

Contains hyaluronic acid (natural moisturizing factor) to last on your lips without stickiness, flakiness, or irregularity.

#Pigmentation UP! Durability UP!

Vivid colors from the first application is pigmented and long lasting!  No need to extra touch ups!

#Moist fit to matte finish.

Liquefied texture during application transforms into a silky semi-matte fix! Shows off a transfer-proof and moist water-matte fit.

#Fragrance Free

Many lip products are highly infused with artificial fragrance. To avoid the feeling of discomfort of strong scents, we remained focused on the lip stain’s original function.

Moist fit to

matte finish.

Formula developed with a new concept of film forming system.

Non-volatile oils and elastomer gel prevent from drying out the lips and form a thin layer of film that provides excellent flexibility and moisture resistance. It is not easily erased by external stimuli and helps color sustain its pigment from the first application.


24/7 Lip Stain has a doe-foot applicator that can improve the performance.

It is a type of applicator that allows you to easily control for any makeup styles.

How to Use.

#Gradient Look

Adjust the amount of product on the applicator. Apply the lip stain with applicator a couple of times inside the lips, and then gently spread it along the inner part of the lips line with your fingers.


After adjusting the amount of product on the applicator, apply the lip stain following the rim of your lips. Fill in the gaps towards the inside of the lips.

Detail Info.

Product name Unpa 24/7 Lip Stain

Volume 5.6g

Price 14,000KRW

Colors 8 AM Red, 11 AM Orange, 3 PM Pink, 6 PM Red Brown, 9 PM Nude Brown, 12 AM Fuchsia Purple