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Purifying Charcoal Body Cleanser,


Cha Cha Bodywash.

#Impurities and Odor Removal.

#Pure, Naturally Derived Moisturization.

#Oil and Moisture Level Control.

Balancing, Mildly Acidic


Because various parts of our body are exposed and vulnerable to the outside environment, we need an excellent cleansing routine for healthier body.

unpa. Cha Cha Body Wash was made by analyzing 1,586 product reviews submitted on unpa., the biggest cosmetics review app in Korea. It has the following 3 distinguishing qualities.

Purifying Charcoal

Body Cleanser.

#Impurities and Odor Removal

Formulated with charcoal, which is excellent at absorbing impurities, Cha Cha Body Wash removes unwanted buildups and odor.

#Pure, Naturally Derived Moisturization

An organic blend of moringa seed extract and green tea extract comforts and nourishes the skin.

#Oil and Moisture Level Control

The weakly acidic formula balances and creates a protective barrier for healthier skin.

The Special Formula in

Cha Cha Body Wash.

#Charcoal Powder.

Effectively regulates glands and removes impurities for clear skin.

#Green Tea Extract.

Effectively regulates glands and removes impurities for clear skin.

#Moringa Seed Extract.

Creates a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss and retain moisture.

#6 Plant-Based Essential Oil.

6 plant-based essential oil with varying skin enhancement qualities to clarify and soften skin.

Orange Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Lavender Oil, Scented Geranium Flower Oil, Basil Oil

Detail Info.

Product name Unpa Cha Cha Bodywash

Weight 300g

Price 18,000KRW

Main ingredient Charcoal powder, green tea extract, glycerin, lavender oil, 6 natural vegetable oils(orange oil, lemon peel oil, bergamot berries oil, lavender oil, sentenced geranium flower oil, basil oil)