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Step 1.

Pump a generous amount

of the product on your finger

and spread it all over your lip.

充分的挤出适量后, 涂抹到嘴唇上根据本人嘴唇的大小去控制量度

Step 2.

When the bubbles appear,

wait few minutes until

it disappears.

泡沫浮上来后, 请耐心等待 5分钟左右

Step 3.

After bubble has been

fully vanished,

rub smoothly with your finger.


Step 4.

Keep rubbing until bubble

has been removed with

all the dead skin cells.

请搓到泡沫消失及 产生角质为止

Step 5.

Wipe your lips with water

or with a wet tissue.


Step 6.

Finish off with a lip moisturizer.


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How to Use – Ch